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3 min readMay 18, 2021


The one with wax.comics is one of the first collaborations activated by Exit Limbo. The first contact was in early April (even before the launch of our series 1) because we were amazed by the beauty of their “Filibusters”, a series of anthropomorphic characters in command of a pirate ship, in a style and scenario very similar to our world.

wax.comics is based in Switzerland, so very close to the Italian team of Exit Limbo.
Their collection features different artists, including the talented Kevin Crelerot which is the author of “Dirty Filibusters” and other series.

Dirty Filibusters

Kevin Crelerot works as a professional illustrator and cartoonist. He works at the Okapi workshop. He teaches at the Ceruleum art school where he also graduated.

Both Kevin and Giovanni were immediately excited by the opportunity of doing something together.

We love your art and would be happy to do a small collaboration.
He [Kevin] suggests drawing the character Mr. Rhino likes the Filibusters and that you choose one of our characters to draw it your way.
A special NFTs that rocks!!!
– wax.comics

We had the choice to take a character from their collection, and we chose Khaled The Gorilla because he is a musician and in the original version he seems to be an austere and sober character, but we wanted to represent him in a more brutal version.

I would like to be a gorilla because generally the gorrilas are annoying and like teasing!
I was thinking of representing him as a tired and drunk gorilla… With a thousand empty bottles of Lambrusco on the table… head back and drooling…
– Giovanni Cantele

The Exit Limbo team decided to produce 3 versions of the artwork, just like wax.comics does, so Giovanni worked on the sketches and the coloured version, while Filippo then added the animation.

In this way, both Mr. Rhino in the wax.comics version and Khaled in the Exit Limbo version will be available in 3 different rarities with different supply and consequently different prices.

  • Sketch, 200 mints - 5$
  • Colored, 100 mints - 10$
  • Animated, 50 mints - 15$

Each collection will mint its own versions and the sales will be coordinated.

We decided to use the new pre-mint drop provided by Neftyblocks to allow anyone to be able to get low mint, even those who don’t have fast connections and above all to avoid the possibility that the mint #1 could be taken by bots.

The drops will start on May 19th at 5 minutes from each other in this order:

Good luck to everyone on your quest for mint #1



Exit Limbo

With this NFT project Exit Limbo bring his experience on WAX with animated characters, cinematic artwork and exclusive music NFTs from the upcoming album!