The Red Junkie

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Bullocks fantasised the crushing of Doctor Kalachnikov’s skull between his hands, savoring the creaking of the cheekbones under his thumbs, imagining the tension vibrating through the bone walls the moment before they shatter into razor sharp splinters and pierce the soft pulp of the Doctor’s brain.

Bullocks realized he was breathing heavily and could feel the veins bulging out of his neck : all in due time. He shut his eyes briefly, mustering the concentration he required to play his role: he certainly didn’t get to lead the Iron Horns by just being a bone breaking machine. Bullocks, in fact, possessed remarkable shrewdness and unwavering conviction that could trump any gibbering white coat in that facility: whoever made the grave mistake of considering him just an impetuous thug would be better off watching their back constantly.

The thick steel door creaked as he pushed it open and then entered Doctor Kalashnikov’s lab. The scientist wasn’t to be seen and Bullocks felt a conflict of disappointment and relief : every day he found it ever more difficult to resist fulfilling his visions of gruesome corporal dismemberment.

Bullocks reluctantly raised his head to look at his dearest childhood friend: The tightly wrapped chains were hard to make out amongst the mesh of tubes burrowing into his skin, violating his body with finger thick needles piercing deep into his flesh.

Spritz had never been a poster boy, but his face was now contorted with pain and savagery beyond recognition. The most shocking fact though, was what seemed like a complete absence of subcutaneous skin and hair. The surface of his body glittered under the flickering neon lights, dripping with blood. It was as if he had been skinned alive and the exposed meat quivered in pain when in contact with the air. The muscles were bulging to the limit, the fibers under tension like taught steel cables.

Bullocks couldn’t comprehend why Spritz had stepped forward for the experiment, but he intuitively knew that it was the boss, Don Lyzzy, pulling the strings. For the same reasons he hadn’t yet decimated the scientist responsible for painfully disfiguring his best friend’s body, Bullocks refrained from doing anything because he knew how deep Don Lyzzy’s tentacles could go.

The startling shriek of a siren saturated the air and the lights fluttered to a halt, leaving them both in pitch darkness. Bullocks remained still for a moment, anticipating the emergency generator to kick into action, when a cracking explosion tore open a gaping hole in the wall, violently spitting out debris and clouds of dust. Bullocks lifted his head from the ground with the ringing in his ears that muffled the sounds beneath it. Whilst cursing the foolish idiot stupid enough to even consider an attack on the Iron Horns, he stumbled onto his feet and wiped the dust out from his eyes, regaining his bearings with the emergency lights now on.

He knew his role would be to promptly present himself at the command center but a part of him knew this was the opportunity he had been waiting for. Looking up over his shoulder he noted the surveillance camera hanging lifelessly from the ceiling, gushing sparks from a severed contact. Just outside the room he could hear the sounds of a battle in full swing, sounds of high pitched beeps, high tech weapon firing and the sharp clanging of swinging blades. He paid no attention and approached Spritz, noticing for the first time a small bronze plaque that denoted the experiment in progress: Prototype 02.

Overwhelmed by rage, Bullocks ripped out the tubes from this friend’s body. An excruciating howl bellowed out of Spritz’s thrashing throat and his eyes flashed open. Before Bullocks knew what was happening he found himself with his legs dangling in the air. Spritz had snapped the chain locking his arm and was clutching him by his head and then effortlessly threw Bullocks flat against the wall. Bullocks slumped onto the floor, the last thing he could see though the stars in his vision was Spritz, maddened by the pain and anger, tearing off the chains with unbelievable ease and charging through the wall like a freight train.



Bullocks lived by the laws of the streets, in an urban jungle that allowed only for the survival of the fittest. His physical prowess, ruthlessness and wit not only kept him alive but made him notoriously famous in his neighbourhood. Bullocks also had no problem in advertising his status though his gaudy clothing and jewelry. At his side was always Spritz, his childhood friend he treated as a younger brother and the only person he would ever trust. When Don Lyzzy offered them to enter in his army, the two friends saw the opportunity of a better life and agreed.

Doctor Kalachnikov

Born with no arms, Dr. Kalachnikov has dedicated his life to engineering high tech prosthetics and body augmentation. Hence he was personally chosen by Don Lyzzy as the head of the scientific department and instrumental in creating the Iron Horns army by injecting the modified mutagen to increase physical performance of the soldiers. Now he has the task of creating an élite of super soldiers.

Don Lyzzy

Don Lyzzy took advantage of the chaos that was generated by the mutagen gas leaking. He rose to power through manipulation and blackmailing. He rules Limbo through the Iron Horns, his mercenary’s army, created with the help of Doctor Kalashnikov.

The Ninja Infiltrator

As he leaps from rooftop to rooftop he keeps his eyes locked onto his objective, Iron Horns HQ. All his training and sacrifice has brought him to this moment. His sole purpose is to infiltrate the structure and cripple the Iron Horns at its core. Gone rogue from his tribe and loved ones, he will gamble his life to get revenge for all the pain and suffering the Iron Horns have caused his people.

Prototype 01

Although she was once one of the greatest warriors among the Rat Tribe she could not stand a chance against the augmented army of Don Lyzzy. During an attack on her home her body was brutally torn apart and she was left to die on the battlefield. Doctor Kalashnikov requested her remains be brought to his lab and began working on the first prototype of a super soldiers’ élite ordered by Don Lyzzy: a machine with the mind of a ninja. As prototype 01 is still in it’s testing phase and it will only activate as a last resort if Iron Horn’s security has been severely compromised. With the use of neuro implants, the brain of the machine is fed hallucinations and tricked into attacking a target. The precise moment the Ninja Infiltrator deactivates the AI that runs the HQ security, Prototype 01 activates with a single objective: terminate the anomaly.

The Red Junkie / Spritz / Prototype 02

Spritz offered himself as a “volunteer” for the strengthening experiment Prototype 02 of Doctor Kalashnikov due to a shady blackmail by Don Lyzzy. He will become notoriously known as the “Red Junkie” by the Limbo’s inhabitants for the continuous need to inject the modified mutagen into his body.

«The Red Junkie» mini-series NFTs can be obtained during the GoodVibesMining events

The Red Junkie Reveal
Start time: July 7th @ 18:00 UTC / End time: July 31st @ 18:00 UTC
Prize Pot: 3,732 NFTs
78 every 12 hrs: 2 Legendary/Gold + 4 Epic/Steel + 6 Rare/Concrete +18 Uncommon/Wood + 48 Common/Static will be able to be won

The Red Junkie Treasure
Start time: August 5th @ 18:00 UTC / End time: August 9st @ 18:00 UTC
Prize Pot: 25,000 WAX + 16 Poster NFTs

Mining Lands (18% commissions)
Epic Mushroom Forest — Eyeke 26:5–1099512960900
Rare Mountains — Veles 23:6–1099512960424
Active Volcano — Magor 20:5–1099512961106
Icy Desert — Neri 18:2–1099512961075
Methane Swampland — Kavian 13:4–1099512960296

The complete rules are available here!

Good luck to all!



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