We want to tell you «The Red Junkie» story and reward you with 3,748 NFTs + 25,000 WAX

Exit Limbo
3 min readJul 1, 2021

We listened to the community and decided that from today we’ll start to better tell the whole story that binds the characters of Exit Limbo.

We decided to do it in a special way and with the quality that distinguishes us, as a matter of fact in the last few weeks our artist Giovanni has been tirelessly working on new artworks that will introduce the new characters that will appear later in the Exit Limbo’s game, while Filippo as always dealt with the wonderful animations .

Also we involved a professional writer, who turned a key moment in the Exit Limbo’s story into words.

Everything has obviously been transformed into NFT and for the distribution we relied on the GoodVibesMining team who helped us to land on Alien Worlds.

We are pleased to present «The Red Junkie»

The most important NFT of the mini-series is undoubtedly the Poster, which will also contain the short story purposely written for the occasion.

Here you can read «The Red Junkie» story and the descriptions of the characters.

In addition to this there will be 6 character NFTs

  • Bullocks
  • Doctor Kalachnikov
  • Don Lyzzy
  • The Ninja Infiltrator
  • Prototype 01
  • The Red Junkie / Spritz / Prototype 02

Each of these NFTs is available in 5 different rarities:

  • Static / common
  • Wood / Uncommon
  • Concrete / Rare
  • Steel / Epic
  • Gold / Legendary

«The Red Junkie» mini-series NFTs can be obtained during the GoodVibesMining events

The Red Junkie Reveal
Start time: July 7th @ 18:00 UTC / End time: July 31st @ 18:00 UTC
Prize Pot: 3,732 NFTs
78 every 12 hrs: 2 Legendary/Gold + 4 Epic/Steel + 6 Rare/Concrete +18 Uncommon/Wood + 48 Common/Static will be able to be won

The Red Junkie Treasure
Start time: August 5th @ 18:00 UTC / End time: August 9st @ 18:00 UTC
Prize Pot: 25,000 WAX + 16 Poster NFTs

Mining Lands (18% commissions)
Epic Mushroom Forest — Eyeke 26:5–1099512960900
Rare Mountains — Veles 23:6–1099512960424
Active Volcano — Magor 20:5–1099512961106
Icy Desert — Neri 18:2–1099512961075
Methane Swampland — Kavian 13:4–1099512960296

The complete rules are available here!

Good luck to all!

Exit Limbo

With this NFT project Exit Limbo bring his experience on WAX with animated characters, cinematic artwork and exclusive music NFTs from the upcoming album!