We’ll reward our collectors with premium NFTs for each set they complete

Exit Limbo
2 min readMay 8, 2021


As previously announced, there will be a reward for each completed rarity set.

Exit Limbo’s series1 features 6 rarities, this means that it will be possible to collect up to 6 different exclusive NFTs that cannot be obtained in any other way.

The only thing you’ll need to do is make sure that you have a complete set by the deadline and be sure to keep it in your wallet until you have received the reward.

You can use the Collection Book to check which cards you’re missing and then you can easily buy them on the secondary market.

For each complete set you have in your inventory you’ll get the corresponding reward (example: If you have 2 complete rare sets you will get 2 premium NFTs for that rarity as a reward).

The NFTs rewards max supply will be locked to the number of full existing sets at the time of the snapshots.

Snapshot List

  • Common - May 13th, 12am UTC
  • Uncommon - May 20th, 12am UTC
  • Rare - May 27th, 12am UTC
  • Epic - June 3rd, 12am UTC
  • Legendary - June 10th, 12am UTC
  • Mythic - June 17th, 12am UTC
  • Stickers - June 24th, 12am UTC



Exit Limbo

With this NFT project Exit Limbo bring his experience on WAX with animated characters, cinematic artwork and exclusive music NFTs from the upcoming album!