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Exit Limbo

The next Exit Limbo series is finally ready!

This new collection series is entitled «MetaHead» and is centered around the music of Exit Limbo. Each Retrowave/Rock instrumental track has a dedicated, highly polished artwork, derived from new concepts of the ongoing videogame production. These NFTs will be released exclusively on the Wax blockchain.

The new Exit Limbo Music + Artwork packs will go on sale on October 8, 2021 at 17:00 UTC and can be unboxed at 20:00 UTC.

10.000 Synth packs will be…

We listened to the community and decided that from today we’ll start to better tell the whole story that binds the characters of Exit Limbo.

We decided to do it in a special way and with the quality that distinguishes us, as a matter of fact in the last few…

Bullocks fantasised the crushing of Doctor Kalachnikov’s skull between his hands, savoring the creaking of the cheekbones under his thumbs, imagining the tension vibrating through the bone walls the moment before they shatter into razor sharp splinters and pierce the soft pulp of the Doctor’s brain.

Bullocks realized he was…

The one with wax.comics is one of the first collaborations activated by Exit Limbo. …

As previously announced, there will be a reward for each completed rarity set.

Exit Limbo’s series1 features 6 rarities, this means that it will be possible to collect up to 6 different exclusive NFTs that cannot be obtained in any other way.

The only thing you’ll need to do is…

This won’t be a standard sale.
You can create them directly with the blender, starting from May, 4th at 17:00 UTC.

You will need two categories of items to make the blend:

Exit Limbo

With this NFT project Exit Limbo bring his experience on WAX with animated characters, cinematic artwork and exclusive music NFTs from the upcoming album!

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